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Laravel 5 Send Email Using Markdown Mailable

November 23, 2017 1982 View by Laravellogic

Laravel is a best php framework so meany developer use in laravel framework, And most developers are looking to send email in the larval framework. If you want to send email in your laravel web application, you're in the right place

Today in this post, we are explain how to send email to laravel web application. For that we use the Markdown Mailables package which provide us pre-built templates and components of mail notifications.

The main advantage in Markdown Mailables package is that you send email in your laravel web application to both the localhost(wamp xampp and lamp) and live server..........

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Laravel 5 Create CMS Using Asgardcms

October 21, 2017 1690 View by Laravellogic

Today, in this tutorial, I'm tell you how to create a cms(content management system) in the Larvel 5.5 web application. Most people want to make backend dynamic, such as the Wardpress cms, so let's make cms in the laravel web application today by using the asgardcms package in laravel 5.5. in this package uses a modular approach. All modules are loosely coupled.

This is a Asgard CMS is completely multilingual. The backend too. asgard cms provide very simple modules function and you can simply quick create modules so Each part of the CMS is a separate module, all modules are loosely coupled. Like Wordpress CMS..........

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Laravel 5 Prevent Back Button After Logout

October 17, 2017 949 View by Laravellogic

Today, I noticed that even after logout I can go to the page in laravel web application, which is not right because this is a securite issue. Usually this problem is found in many larval web applications. If you get this issue, you are right place.

Use laravel middleware to stop this problem, For which you have to create a new laval middleware. In this post, we have created a PreventBackHistory name middleware, which explain how to prevent the button after logout.

So, in this post, I will show you step by step on how to prevent the button after logout in laravel web application, only you have to follow and create a new middleware.........

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Laravel 5 Import Export To Excel And CSV Using Maatwebsite

October 11, 2017 1599 View by Laravellogic

Today I want you to Explain import Excel / CSV to store in to the database With which you also download Excel / CSV file in to database in laravel 4 and 5. For which we will be using maatwebsite/excel https://github.com/Maatwebsite/Laravel-Excel laravel 4-5 pakage then create and download xls, xlsx and csv file

Admins need to back up the data of a large website, in this example admin can every time importing and exporting in very large website(like e-commerce , ERP etc....) data in Xls, xlsx and csv formats.........

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